Kanye West is at the Center of Kelly Rowland's Vision Board

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A vision board is used to concentrate on a life goal.

Singer Kelly Rowland, 34, has a place on her board for rapper Kanye West.

"He's literally in the center of one of my vision boards," she told Huff Post Live. "I love how gutsy he is. I love how he speaks his mind."

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While she'd love to collaborate on a song, Kelly says she's been too shy to approach him.

The new mother did make a vow for the next time she sees him though, "I'll definitely just pick his brain," she said. "I think he's genius."

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West recently tweeted that he's back in the studio, and it sounds like he has hip hop Kendrick Lamar at the center of his vision board.

"Kendrick is an inspiration. Thank you for the vibrations and the spirit. Your meaning,message and execution are gifts to the world," he tweeted on March 16.

Check out the video below to see what Kelly Rowland has to say about motherhood.