British Oddsmakers Race Corgis to Determine Royal Baby Name


Duchess Kate isn't due for another month, but royal baby fever is already sweeping the UK. A British gambling group called Ladbrokes is capitalizing on it by taking bets as to what the royals will name the little prince or princess. This week, they decided to up the ante by racing corgis to predict which name Will and Kate will choose.

And yes, of course they posted a video of the "Barkingham Palace Gold Cup" to YouTube.

Ten dogs raced total, five wearing boys' names and five with girls'. Ladbrokes displayed the names along with the odds they've given each one. For boys, it was James (8:1 odds), Henry (16:1), Albert (20:1), Spencer (25:1), and Boris (200:1); in the girls category, it was Elizabeth (5:1), Alexandra (8:1), Victoria (10:1), Phillipa (33:1), and Camilla (100:1).

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The overall winner was Alexandra, with Spencer the first-place name for boys.

The choice to race corgis wasn't accidental: They are well-known as Queen Elizabeth II's favorite breed. She's owned more than 30 over the years, though she recently decreed that they were too much of a tripping hazard for her to have any more. Corgi owners around the world bring their dogs to meet her when she visits.


Ladbrokes helpfully linked to their site, where you can place your own bets on which name will anoint the newest member of the royal family. A few popular names that weren't in the corgi race are Diana (12:1), Charlotte (6:1), Arthur (10:1), and Alice (12:1). You can also put your money on gender (50/50 odds on that one, naturally) and which date and day of the week will be the actual birthday.

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The palace has officially announced the baby is due in late April; currently, the highest odds (at least as far as this betting website is concerned) is for April 20 -- the day before the Queen's birthday.

The royal baby will join big brother George, who was born in July 2013. Here's a look back at his debut moment: