Did Mila Kunis Reveal She's Already Married to Ashton Kutcher on the 'Late Late Show'?


Is this the closest we'll get to a wedding confirmation?

It appears Mila Kunis is officially Mrs. Kutcher!

Mila recently appeared on the premiere of British comedian James Corden's The Late Late Show alongside Tom Hanks, and in the new interview airing Monday night, Corden's questioning and Hanks' goading lead Mila to apparently confirm that she and Ashton Kutcher have already tied the knot.

After Hanks jokingly calls Ashton Mila's "hus-Ashton," the 31-year-old Jupiter Ascending actress plays coy until Corden point-blank tells her, "Oh c'mon, nobody's 'maybe' gotten married. Either you're married or you're not." After some nudging from Hanks to look at her wedding finger, Corden apparently sees a wedding band, confidently exclaiming to the audience, "Oh, you got married! They got married everybody!"

Mila doesn't exactly deny the statement, though she's obviously a bit embarrassed when the audience starts clapping.

... Move over Barbara Walters, perhaps we should be getting James Corden to do all of the hard-hitting celebrity interviews?!

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Mila and Ashton have been dating for four years and welcomed their daughter, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, this past October. Though the two have yet to make an official statement about their marital status, a quiet wedding goes in line with what the former That '70s show actress told W magazine last July.

"As far as the wedding goes -- ugh -- that's the part that makes me nervous," she admitted. "Like, that's a hassle, who do you invite? Who do you not invite? You're going to offend somebody. So my theory is don't offend anyone, don't invite anyone, just do it privately and secretly and then you can just maybe get everybody to be upset with you."

There have also been some clues to her and Ashton's having already made it official.

Last month, Ellen DeGeneres put Mila in the hot seat when she asked her to comment on a Twitter pic Ashton posted that referred to his family as "The Kutchers."

"It says 'The Kutchers' so it sounds like you're married," Ellen told Mila, to which the actress coyly responded, "I don't know. We could just be a plural, like my daughter has his last name legally."

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Watch the video below to see Mila adorably squirm, and check out the premiere episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden tonight at 12:35 a.m. on CBS!