19 Times Cara Delevingne Was the Most Relatable World-Famous Supermodel Ever

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She's just the Victoria's Secret super model next door!

Cara Delevingne
is a famous fashion model, musician (she even recorded a song with Pharrell!), and actress (she’ll soon star in Paper Towns, written by the author of Fault in Our Stars, then a big DC superhero movie). She’s also just like you and me. Don’t believe us?

Here are 22 reasons she’s the Victoria’s Secret super model next door:

1. She eats. Let’s get that out of the way first.

2. She pretends she and her friends are Spice Girls. Everyone’s done that.

While everyone else wants to be Ginger or Baby, Cara is fine with Sporty.

3. She has big dreams:

4. And Instagrams really ~*deep*~ quotes, just like every girl you follow.

5. She’s discovered later in life she looks like the anti-Christ in her #TBTs.

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6. She does this when the photographer is just trying to take a nice picture:

(Photographer = mom, for the rest of us.)

7. And knows the art of a photo bomb.

Sorry about your serious, sexy picture, Kim Kardashian.

8. She makes ugly faces in selfies just like the rest of us do:

9. See?

10. And takes embarrassing (and awesome) videos of her friends.

Sidebar: We also relate to Dakota Johnson far too well.

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11. She doesn’t hold back from letting people know exactly how she feels:

12. This is how she dances:

We can do that choreography.

13. And this is Cara in da club:


14. Like every human alive, she also has to stop to pet a fat bulldog:

15. And loves cute little animals in general. It’s so fluffy we could die!

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16. She’s clumsy:

17. And who hasn’t used this excuse before?

18. She has brilliant ideas. Or, well, she thinks she has brilliant eyes.

And, like us, probably needs a friend to say, “Uhhhh...”

19. This is what she gets up to when she has too much time on her hands:

20. And this is what she did when she reached 10 million followers on Twitter:

Oh, no one else does this? Maybe she is a little different from us.

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