Kim Kardashian Goes Back To Brunette: In Memoriam of Her Platinum Blonde Hair


All rise.

On this day we recognize Kim Kardashian's return to her natural brunette state.

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Yes, her time as a platinum blonde has come to an end. The change is not unwelcome, but we can't help but mourn the end of her small but deeply meaningful period of experimentation.

Kim's time as a platinum blonde, like her second marriage to Kris Humphries, is best not remembered in days, but in the moments that meant the most while it lasted.

In such a short time, we've got so much to remember.

WATCH: Kim Kardashian Debuts Platinum Blonde Hair

How she just totally owned it.

Blonde hair truly did not care.

The closeup.

The lip liner was not the only thing on fleek.

When she channelled Frozen

It might be more "polar bear" than Elsa but we get the idea. Also, please God, don't let that be real polar bear.



Kanye West's true, unbridled happiness.

That is the demeanor of a man who loves and loves hard.

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Also, Kanye West's possible (probable) affinity for Draco Malfoy hair. 

Tom Felton, you sage.

The blonde on the balcony.

We know who shined a light on Yeezus that night.

The optical illusion.

We were as transfixed as we were dizzy.

The weekend vibes.

Clear locks can't lose.

This "who's photobombing who?" moment.

Also pictured: Kanye's longing expression of somber acknowledgement that like gold, nothing blonde can stay.

Sorry, Kanye.


The upkeep.

Is it a job or a destiny?

The last, cleavage-baring hurrah.

Um... sorry, what were we talking about again? HAIR! Right, okay. The cut of the dress may be low, but from your hair our attention is undivided.

We may miss you, blonde Kim, but the memories of our time together can never be bleached away.

March 5, 2015 – March 26, 2015

Rest in peace, Kim's platinum blonde hair.

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