The 7 Healthiest Celebs in Hollywood: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Woody Harrelson & More!

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These days it seems like most celebrities have dumped the bad habits and jumped aboard the wellness crusade.

It seems odd to think about in today's Hollywood, but not so long ago edgy young actors were regularly photographed holding cigarettes, not rolled-up yoga mats. Back then, rock stars killed time on tour getting wasted and trashing hotel rooms ---not Instagramming photos of their post-workout protein smoothies.

These days it seems like most celebrities have dumped the bad habits and jumped aboard the wellness crusade. From carb-less diets to juice fast detoxes, today’s healthy stars will try anything if it might help them feel great, stay gorgeous and live forever. Take a look at seven Hollywood trendsetters who are paving the way.

1.Katy Perry

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The 30- year-old singer, who is currently touring the world, recently told ET that her health is her No. 1 concern on the road. "If I get sick, then I can’t play a show," Perry explained. Her feel-good regimen includes drinking vitamin-rich shakes filled with kale and dried fruit, and, she says, "a probiotic everyday." Perry's BFF Rihanna is one star who may still like to get her party on, but the 27-year-old "Bitch Better Have My Money" singer follows it up in the morning with a good ol' fashion IV vitamin drip.

2.Russell Brand

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Perry's ex-hubby Russell Brand is very vocal about being an ex-drug addict. The 39-year-old vegan comedy star and author traded heroin for healthy living 12 years ago, although he still pulls the occasional all nighter – of meditation. Brand, who says meditation changed his consciousness, is also a big-time Kundalini yoga advocate.

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3.Adam Levine

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The rocker is another Hollywood yoga enthusiast, or haven't you seen his pictorial of poses in Men's Health? The 36-year-old Maroon 5 frontman and judge on The Voice says his nightly pre-concert routine is one solid hour of yoga. Once a vegetarian, the star now enjoys the occasional steak in addition to other organic, gluten-free foods.

4.Shailene Woodley

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The 23-year-old is Hollywood's favorite quirky young hippie, so it's no surprise the Insurgent star does healthy living like she does everything else. In signature Shailene style, the actress follows a hunter-gatherer diet based on what she believes Native Americans would eat. Last year, she used a guest spot on The Late Show With David Letterman to extol the benefits of eating clay and shared her recipe for bone broth. She's long been a believer in herbal remedies, even drinking a daily medicinal mushroom tea. More recently, Woodley, said that eating pigs feet, ants and June bugs tastes great.

5.Gwyneth Paltrow

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Like her former BFF Madonna, the 42-year-old actress and cookbook author has been at the forefront of health trends for decades. Macrobiotics, Eastern medicine, yoga, acupuncture, veganism, juice fasts, detoxes, carbless diet, cupping, steam douches (!) – Paltrow has done it, talked about it, and even made a second career of it by developing the lifestyle site Goop. However, the Academy Award winner and mother of two does confess to occasional indulgences -- including exactly one cigarette per week.

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6.Jessica Alba

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The 33-year-old actress is following in Gwyneth Paltrow's footsteps by becoming another Hollywood actress-turned- lifestyle author-turned entrepreneur. In 2011, the Sin City star and mom to two young girls founded the Honest Company, which features non-toxic and ethical household products. She followed that up in 2013 by publishing a book on healthy living. Alba told Natural Health she gets the energy she needs by fueling up on a gluten-free diet of lean proteins and fruits and vegetables, as well as plenty of hot yoga sessions and spin classes.

7.Woody Harrelson

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This may sound crazy to you now but Woody Harrelson is actually the godfather of Hollywood's modern health movement. The 53-year-old Hunger Games star has always looked to the fringes to find what makes him feel good. Dairy-free for three decades, Harrelson talked about the benefits of a raw vegan diet and juice fasting eons before it was fashionable. The tai chi and yoga-loving star has for many years lived with his family on an organic farm in Maui, worn no synthetic fibers, and avoided chemical household goods. Harrelson may once have seemed nutty, but now he's recognized as a bona fide trailblazer.