Nicki Minaj Gets a Marriage Proposal from a Very Hot Royal


Nicki Minaj is getting cozy with a royal.

The "Only" rapper got a visit from members of the royal family at her London concert this past Saturday, and posted this snapshot of her and the late Princess Diana's nephew Louis Spencer together backstage.

Obviously, the handsome 21-year-old -- who is the eldest son of Charles Spencer, Diana's brother -- isn't bad on the eyes ... Seriously, this guy's giving Prince Harry a run for his money!

"The Royal Family stopped by. @louisspencer Nephew of Princess Diana ? - he said he wants to marry me ? #LONDON #ThePinkprintTOUR," Nicki posted on her Instagram.

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The joke proposal aside, the now single 32-year-old rapper was clearly just as enamored with Viscount Althorp as he was with her -- she posted a second pic with him, writing, "Check out our wedding photo."

Louis, however, wasn't the only royal in attendance. Nicki also gave a shoutout to his equally good-looking sister, Lady Kitty Spencer.

Who knew the royals were such Nicki Minaj fans?

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Earlier this month, Kate Middleton also proved she was a pop culture fan, when she got adorably excited visiting the Downton Abbey set in west London. Watch below!