Alyssa Milano Says She Loves Her Stretch Marks

Getty Images

Alyssa Milano is proud of being a mother and all the physical changes that come with it.

The actress, 42, joined the ladies of The Talk for a discussion about stretch marks.

"Some people might see them as imperfections, but when you have a baby –those are your beauty marks," Milano said. "I love my stretch marks. I have them on my boobs, on my ass, on my belly."

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And while she's not shy about talking about the beauty marks, she does admit that she wouldn't wear a bikini on the beach for fear that paparazzi would "rip apart every part of her body."

This is not the first time that Milano has caused some discussion. When she posted a breastfeeding selfie back in November, she questioned why her photo was more controversial than reality star Kim Kardashian'sPaper Magazine photo shoot that showed her posing nude.

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Milano and her agent husband David Bugliari welcomed their daughter Elizabella on Sept. 4. The couple also has a son, Milo Thomas, 3.