April Fools'! The 14 Best Pranks of 2015

Funny Or Die

At some point in the past couple of years April Fools' Day became Everything on the Internet is a Lie Day. Beware of absolutely everything you read, hear, see -- maybe don't go online today.

With that in mind, here's some of our favorite falsehoods!

1. Sam Smith has something to say.

2. Funny or Die revolutionizes looping comedy videos with Dips.

Funny Or Die

1.5 seconds is all you need, especially when you have Britney Spears running into a glass door.

3. If you stream the Roast of Justin Bieber online and watch past the credits, there's a special section where Justin roasts you.

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4. Play Pac-Man on Google Maps


Is this even a prank? This should just be always.

5. John Green's new book.

6. Samsung's Galaxy Blade Edge

7. Tom Brady lost a basketball game to Michael Jordan. Badly.

8. Bouncy grocery stores.

9. Caroline Wozniak retires from Tennis.

10. Backwards Google.

We have a headache.

11. Selfie shoes.

12. Richard Branson's moving Virgin to Branson, Missouri.

13. Apparently Uber and Tinder just need to be one thing already.

14. And of course, you can now by a hot tub from The Bachelor.

Happy April Fools' Day! Also #3 was a lie. WE ARE LIARS TOO. TRUST NO ONE!

You know who is a silly prankster? Taylor Kinney! Watch how Lady Gaga's fiancee pranked her on his proposal below.