EXCLUSIVE: Original U.K. Version of 'Queer as Folk' With Charlie Hunnam Will Air in U.S.

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Sons of Anarchy
may have gone out in a blaze of glory, and Looking might be headed to retirement, but for anyone who's a fan of both Charlie Hunnam and romantic gay dramas, finally there’s some good news.

Logo TV will announce on Friday that the network will re-run Queer as Folk — not the soapy American edition that aired on Showtime (and later Logo), but the original version of the groundbreaking show, which was first broadcast on British public television back in 1999.

Charlie Hunnam played a 15-year-old gay kid who falls for the arrogant — and much older — Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones’ Littlefinger), and the sex scenes between them were shockingly explicit for TV at the time, even across the pond.

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Hunnam, who committed to and then pulled out of 50 Shades of Grey, often appeared semi-nude on Sons, and told Elle Canada earlier this year that he was comfortable stripping down for the camera.

"The level of nudity that I do now, which is taking my shirt off, doesn’t bother me at all,” he said. “I did full frontal when I was 18 ... but because I was playing a 15-year-old character, the censorship people wouldn’t allow us to put it on TV.”

The actor, now 34, added, “I think when I was young, I was a little bit more fearless with that stuff."

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It’s hard to imagine very much of that NC-17ish action will make the basic cable cut now, either, even on the LGBT network. But the series’ strength — like with HBO’s Looking — was as notable for its sweet, relatable writing as sheer sex appeal.

Queer As Folk airs on Logo TV on April 4 and April 11. Creator Russell T. Davies' new series Cucumber and Banana premiere April 13.

Watch Hunnam strip down and share his workout secrets in this appearance on ET: