7 Easter Egg Fails and How To Avoid Them


It's Easter weekend! The only time of the year it's OK to put all your pretty, dyed eggs in one basket. Time to dye some eggs, but not so fast...

Dyeing Easter eggs is a process. And there are a lot of ways that process can go horribly wrong. Here's what can happen -- and how you can avoid it!

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1. Your eggs are splotchy.

Why This Happened:
You're spinning that egg around in the dye like it's a record probably!! You are not a DJ right now, you are an egg master!

How to Avoid It: First, wash the egg off gently in water after you hard boil it. This will create an even surface for you to work with. Then make sure the egg (or part of the egg you want dyed) is completely submerged in the dye and completely still. Don't move it around a bunch and you should be good.

2. The color is awful.

Why This Happened:You're trying to mix together colors with reckless abandon! This is very dangerous.

How to Avoid It:Mixing colors is hard and has to be done carefully. One cool trick the wizards over at Mom.me suggest is using nail polish, and, at least in this video set to uplifting music, they make it look super easy. 

3. Your stripes are not stripes.

Why This Happened:You're just straight up dipping them in the dye like Oreos! Come on now, you can't just throw caution to the wind with your Easter eggs!

How to Avoid It: Rubber bands!

4. Your pattern game is ridiculous.

Why This Happened:Patterns are hard! And unless you are a true artist with a crayon you're going to need some help.

How to Avoid It: 
Tape. Masking or electrical should work. Make whatever pretty patterns you like, then dye the eggs, and when they dry remove the tape!

5. You get your hands all messy.

Why This Happened: Easter egg dyeing is a messy game, especially if there are kids involved.

How to Avoid It: Put the egg into a kitchen whisp for an easy, clean egg-dyeing experience!

6. Your eggs lack pizazz.

Why This Happened: It's not that your eggs are BAD, you just need to give it some sparkle. Some shine!

How to Avoid It:Use fun glitter! If Martha Stewart is done roasting Justin Bieber, she should be able to help you with that.

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Just beware of judgment from others.

7. You didn't eat the eggs.

Why This Happened:Because you thought it seemed weird, or were worried about egg temperature, or maybe you've completely lost it?!

How to avoid:
Gosh darn it, those eggs are meant to be consumed! Take precaution by not dyeing cracked eggs and get them into the refrigerator within two hours. But don't just throw them in the garbage! That's wasteful!

Alright, you should be all set to dye like a pro!

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