Bill Maher Just Compared Zayn Malik to the Boston Marathon Bomber


Oof.... really Bill Maher?

During the 59-year old TV host's "New Rules" segment on Real Talk with Bill Maher, Bill compared the likeness of ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik and Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Yep. He really did that.

As you can imagine, many One Direction fans, who were already heartbroken over Zayn's decision to leave the band, are not having this joke at all.

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They found it appalling.



A low blow to Zayn.

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They want Bill Maher to apologize.

There is even a petition which has so far gotten over 3000 signatures.

So far no response from either Bill Maher or Zayn Malik on the highly controversial joke.

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In summary, while Bill Maher is no stranger to offending people, he might want to be careful about angering one of the most highly mobilized fan bases on the Internet.

Watch the first time Zayn Malik tried to quit One Direction below.