Sophia Bush Poses Topless in Honor of Amy Schumer


Sophia Bush really loves Amy Schumer's 'Entertainment Weekly' cover.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but in Sophia Bush's case, it's also the sexiest.

Wearing nothing but Amy Schumer's Entertainment Weekly cover, the Chicago P.D. star shared a topless selfie on Tuesday, and gushed over the comedian, writing: "Local single in your area @amyschumer call me."

Bush, 32, is mimicking the face Schumer, 33, is making while posing nude (with the exception of some strategically placed tiny bottles of booze) on the publication. Like lots of comedy enthusiasts, Bush probably loves the "sluttier than the average bear" funny girl for her "I can't believe she said that" jokes.

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However, Schumer's real life is far from her Inside Amy persona on Comedy Central. "On stage, I talk about my boyfriend, and the two guys I dated, and my one and only one-night stand, and it sounds like 'This girl is a real Dumpster,'" she told EW. "But really, over two years I slept with four people."

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Schumer added, "Not that there'd be anything wrong if I slept with more if that's what I wanted to do."

Regardless, she's racking up the famous fans. In addition to Bush, Schumer caught filmmaker Judd Apatow's eye and the two went on to work on the upcoming comedy Trainwreck together.