O-Town's Ashley Parker Angel Auditions For One Direction!


Ashley Parker Angel is a boy looking for a band.

Upon learning that Zayn Malik was leaving One Direction, the 33-year-old singer let the guys know that he's available to take over as the fifth member. Ashley was a part of O-Town in the early 2000s, a boy band best known for rhyming "all" with "all" in their 2001 ballad "All or Nothing."

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Though he hashtagged his tweet as "#FakeAudition," it sounded very real to us. "Just in case @onedirection decides they want the token older brother member," he captioned the video of him singing 1D's "Night Changes."

Ashley isn't the only fellow boy band member to react to news of Zayn's departure. Nick Jonas told ET that he understands why the 22-year-old singer wants to go solo. "It's a lot of pressure. I think that my situation was really unique, I had family with me," the former Jonas Brothers member said. "I feel like it is a tough world already, and I was thankful to have family and walk through it with them, but it's all about how you balance it, and trying to implement a few moments of normalcy and quietness in a really crazy ride."

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The Beatles' Ringo Starr also reacted to Zayn leaving the group. "They are under a lot of pressure, the kids out there today," the 74-year-old drummer told ET. "I think the pressure now is because you cannot move. Somebody is on the phone, they're photographing you and filming you and anything that happens and you've got that 30 mile radius here that are always outside everywhere. The pressure's more now."

Who would you like to see replace Zayn in One Direction?

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