Colin Farrell on Gaining Weight for 'True Detective': It's Not That Fun

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Colin Farrell admits he's low maintenance, but that doesn't mean he wants to eat fast food every day.

The 38-year-old actor had to pack on the pounds for his role as Ray Velcoro inTrue Detective, and admits to Glamour UK that he didn't enjoy the process. "People think it must be fun to eat what you want - and it is, for the first day," Farrell says. "Day two, when you're already on your second cheeseburger and fries with a chocolate shake by 11 a.m., not so much."

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The Irish heartthrob is also not a fan of Google-ing himself. "Whenever I've Googled myself in the past, I've always come away with the feeling that I'm an absolute piece of sh**," he confesses.

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Farrell jokes that his hobo-chic style at times tilts too much on the hobo side at times. "Sometimes when I see pictures of myself, I think, if I saw him on the street, I'd give him a dollar and say, 'Hope things get better for you,'" he quips.

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The Golden Globes winner will be co-star alongside Friday Night Lights' actor Taylor Kitsch and Wedding Crashers' stars Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams in True Detective's second season.

"It's a chance to do something different and we got great material to me working with and I'm really having a great time doing it," Vaughn told ET of the HBO series. "It's a crime story that takes place [in Los Angeles]. The characters are complicated, the world's that you enter are very interesting. It's a lot of fun."

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