Sandra Bullock's 911 Tape: Actress Terrified, Crying in the Closet as Alleged Stalker Invades Home

Sandra Bullock was clearly shaken to find her alleged stalker in her home.

Sandra Bullock was clearly shaken to find a man in her home when she called 911 on June 8, 2014.

The 50-year-old actress' alleged stalker, Joshua James Corbett, was handcuffed and present in a Los Angeles courtroom on Thursday for a preliminary hearing after being accused of breaking into Bullock's Bel-Air home this past summer. 

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Corbett is facing 19 felony charges -- including stalking, residential burglary and possession of a machine gun --  after he allegedly jumped the fence surrounding Bullock's estate and broke into her home through a locked sun-room door on the first floor. According to the police report, the intruder was unarmed but had love letters and magazine cutouts of Bullock on his person.

Corbett waived an arraignment and has entered a plea of not guilty. During today's hearing, the courtroom heard a recording of the Oscar winner's 911 call that revealed just how shaken up Bullock was during the home invasion.

"Someone just broke into my house," Bullock is heard telling the 911 operator on the call. "I think it's a man... I'm locked in the closet right now."

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As the call goes on, Bullock becomes more panicked. "He's banging on the doors," she says, crying, then confirming that he's knocking on the bedroom door. "Are they close?" she inquires of the police.

Bullock, breathing heavily, reveals she's unarmed and she thinks the intruder -- whom she describes as wearing a dark sweatshirt -- was headed for the attic and does not believe he can see her. She adds that the doors downstairs are locked and she's uncertain how he got into her home.

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It takes over 13 minutes, according to the call, for law enforcement to reply to Bullock's 911 message and upon their arrival -- she gives the dispatcher the code to her house -- she seems nervous to answer the door. After meeting the officers and directing them to the attic, she can be heard crying and saying, "Thank you."

ET's source in the courtroom says Corbett kept his head down as the tape was being played. Bullock was not present for the hearing.

A day prior to Bullock's home invasion, June 7, 2014, the actress was being honored at Spike TV's Guys' Choice Awards and it appears this is the last time she's been seen at a red-carpet event.