The Inspiring Reason Why Uzo Aduba Is Running the Boston Marathon

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For Uzo Aduba, running is not just exercise.

TheOrange is the New Black actress will run the Boston Marathon on April 20 to honor her friends and family affected by cancer. Teaming up with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the actress told Women's Health that the motivation behind her second marathon is to "kick cancer's ass."

Last October, the woman who she called her second mom died after battling breast cancer, and Uzo explained to the mag that this race in Boston will be in her honor.

"I'm doing it for someone who really, truly, when I was growing up, helped me to realize my dreams and who isn't with us anymore. And she was an amazing woman," she reveals. "When [she passed] this past October, I needed to do something. I didn't want to stay in my apartment and cry; I didn't want to stay in my apartment and ask 'Why?' and wonder. I don't think I have the biggest voice in the world, but I, Uzo, if I can make a small difference, I would like to try and do that."

And in an emotional video, she not only answers the question, "Why do I run?" but describes what it takes to be a runner.

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"It takes sweat. It takes tears. It takes ice for when your body wants to quit, and it takes the focus to not let it. It takes lonely mornings out there feeling like you're by yourself and reminders that you're not."

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She then continues an inspiring message, "But when I think about how tired I am on certain days or how hard this might be, I stop and I remember what it is to truly have to fight." she says. "This is nothing. There are people out climbing mountains. I can climb a hill. That's why I run."

For the Boston Marathon, she already has a vision for what she hopes will happen during that last stretch. "And that last mile, like I already said, I want to put my earbuds in and just listen to 'Brave' the entire way through. And I don't know what that's going to be like, and I can't spend too much time thinking about it because it feels overwhelming even to think about and I'm not even running," she tells the mag. "I don't know. I don't know what that's going to be. I just hope I'm strong enough to take it. I think I am."

Go Uzo!

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