Hillary Clinton Is Running for President in 2016: Watch Her Announcement!


Hillary Clinton
is running for president.

The 67-year-old former Secretary of State and ex-first lady made the announcement on Sunday afternoon in a video posted to YouTube.

“I’m getting ready to do something too,” Hillary says more than 90 seconds into the video. “I’m running for president.”

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“Every day Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion,” she continues, urging Americans by saying, "It's your time."

Chelsea Clinton
tweeted her support to her mother shortly after the announcement was made, writing, “Very proud of you mom!”

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee issued a statement in response to Hillary’s presidential campaign kick-off.

“Republicans have a strong and diverse set of candidates who will engage in a productive debate on how to move our country forward. Clinton’s coronation represents more of the same, and voters have made it clear they want a new direction,” the official statement from RNC chairman Reince Priebus read in part.

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Hillary previously ran for the 2008 presidency.

In a recent interview with Elle, Chelsea spoke of the significance of electing a female president of the United States.

"When you ask about the importance of having a woman president, absolutely it's important, for, yes, symbolic reasons — symbols are important; it is important who and what we choose to elevate, and to celebrate," she said. "And one of our core values in this country is that we are the land of equal opportunity, but when equal hasn't yet included gender, there is a fundamental challenge there that, I believe, having our first woman president — whenever that is—will help resolve."