Jill (Duggar) Dillard Reveals Her Fears During 70-Hour Delivery and Emergency C-Section

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Jill (Duggar) Dillard definitely wasn't ready to spend days in labor!

The 19 Kids and Counting star gave birth to her and husband Derick Dillard's son, Israel David, on April 6, but her labor lasted nearly 70 hours!

"I was praying to God to give me strength," the 23-year-old shares with People. "I was really scared and nervous, but I was praying."

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Jill's water broke in early Saturday morning, April 4, and that the mom-to-be's family -- mother, Michelle, 48, and sister, Jana, 25 -- were on hand to help out. Her doctor tells People that it was the most strenuous delivery he's ever seen.

Jill says it was her faith that got her through the strenuous delivery. "I had been praying for contractions and when contractions did start, God made me grateful for those contractions," she says. "When they came, even though they were really intense, I was crying, but I was saying, 'Thank you for this contraction God, this is what I prayed for, thank you for this.'"

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The TLC reality star is a student midwife and while the couple planned for a home birth, they were grateful to have gone to the hospital. She refused pain medication but once Israel flipped into a breech position and began having irregular heart rates -- which worried doctors --, it was then that the couple decided to have an emergency C-section.

Jill seemed most appreciative of her husband. "Derick had blood blisters on his hands from doing a hip squeeze during labor," she recalls. "No one could do it as well as he did, and when the contractions were intense, I would call him back."

Derick, 26, had his own method for keeping his new wife calm. "I would say, 'Think about being on the beach on our honeymoon, just think about this one contraction, don't think about the future ones,'" he remembers. "I would tell her not to think about the pain right now."

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also remembers her husband's sweet support. "Derick would say, 'You're going to get to see him, you're going to get to see him, the pain won't mean anything, just one contraction at a time.' He did such a great job."

Fans of 19 Kids and Counting will get to see this Jill's delivery when the show returns to TLC on May 5.