Kim Kardashian Cropped Out of Jewish Website for Being a 'Pornographic Symbol'

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Not everyone is psyched to get a photo of reality superstar Kim Kardashian.

Though she's one of the most famous women in the world, an Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jewish news website, Kikar HaShabbat, noticeably cut Kim from a photo taken of her in Jerusalem this week.

Check out the original photo of Kim and her husband Kanye West with Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barkat, which Barkat tweeted on Monday.

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In the image that appeared online, Kikar HaShabbat covered Kim's face with a restaurant receipt.

In the accompanying article, Kim was only referred to as her "West's wife."

"Kim Kardashian is a specific case, I think everyone understands, I don't want to say this word, but she is a symbol pornographic symbol," Nissim Ben Haim, editor at Kikar HaShabbat, told the AP. "Her entire fame is an expression of the western pornographic culture, and this is something we want to keep far away from our users, far away from this ugliness."

However, the incident has not been limited to the reality star. In 2011, Hillary Clinton -- then Secretary of State to President Obama -- was removed from a White House-issued image of her and other U.S. leaders being briefed on an Osama bin Laden mission.

"We have a site which is dedicated to women, that has photos of women on a daily basis -- Kim Kardashian is different in the sense that she represents a reality culture, immorality, which completely contradict," he added. "Here is the point of collision between the ultra Orthodox journalism and Western culture."

This isn't the only time Kim has been memorably cropped out of a photo. Voguecut Kim out of a photo of her and Kanye at the 2013 Met Gala that appeared in their slideshow of the event.

Kim admitted to ELLE last week that despite her intense level of fame and successful business ventures, she still has a hard time getting taken seriously.

"But even just being someone that's on reality TV, I think that's looked upon in a certain way and then, you know, it's obviously helped my business," she said. "I love what I do, but I think if you do certain things, it could hurt in business."

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