How Heidi Klum Transforms Into a Supermodel

The model is sharing what she looks like before all the hair and makeup.

Even Heidi Klum isn't always glamorous.

The Project Runway host posted two Instagrams that show how she goes from her natural self to the supermodel that graces all those magazine covers.

In this pic, Klum is makeup-free and has slicked back wet hair, a look that we don't typically see from her.

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In the after shot, she is completely made up with her flawless skin and hair teased to make her look va va voom.

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Klum, 41, gives credit to her makeup artist Linda Hay and hair stylist Brent Lawler for the after look.

Another look that Klum rocked on Wednesday is one that's definitely not her own. She captioned this Instagram pic asking if you can guess who she's shooting a new music video for, but it's none other than singer Sia's classic bob that totally gives it away!

There's only one question that remains. Will Klum dance like SNL alum Kristen Wiig did for Sia at the 2015 GRAMMYs performance of  "Chandelier?"

Check out the video above to see more on her dramatic transformation.