Dennis Quaid's Freakout is Actually a Funny Or Die Video -- Watch It Now!

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We knew we were being lied to we just didn't know who was lying!!

After video surfaced online of 61-year-old actor Dennis Quaid going on an crazy expletive-filled tirade on set, people suspected very quickly that it was some sort of Jimmy Kimmel prank a la the "Twerking Fail" video he produced in 2013. 

Kimmel addressed being blamed for the video on his show, saying, "You play like 50 pranks and all of a sudden people don't trust you anymore."

NEWS: Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Dennis Quaid Freak-Out Video 

But if not Jimmy, then who?

We finally got our answer when the comedy team Funny Or Die released the "full video." Watch it below (WARNING: A lot of explicit language.)

Not bad, Funny Or Die! David Spade also posted about the rouse on Instagram, writing, "This Dennis Quaid video is no joke. He killed Seth Green."

Well, since nothing is real and all things are false at least we can all laugh about it!

Watch the original freakout that lead to this big reveal below.