The Insane Story of How This Girl Met a Complete Stranger Who Looks Exactly Like Her


This is seriously so weird.

As they once infamously said in It Takes Two, “Identical...strangers?!

Niamh Geaney
, along with her friends Harry and Terence, set up a “challenge” with each other last month: They each had 30 days to find their doppelganger. “They say there are seven people in the world who look exactly like you,” they explain on their site. “We want to find OUR Twin Strangers.”

The submissions started rolling in from all around the world. After two weeks, Niahm found a potential match in a girl named Karen she met through social media. It’s safe to say it was a match.


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“This was soooo weird,” Niamh writes of meeting her lookalike. “Not going to lie – we were both were pretty freaked about seeing our double in the flesh.”

To prove their point, the two decided to twin it up for an uncanny photoshoot:


Watch Niamh and Karen’s entire encounter to see how similar they truly are:

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With a week or so still left in the competition, Niamh says she’s now on the hunt for her other six dopplegangers (of the seven total that everyone in the world supposedly has).

And if you think this is a once-in-a-lifetime fluke, journalist Sophie Robehmed also found her identical stranger, Lauren Hatcher. Watch their story here.


So, so weird.

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