Drew Carey Talks 'The Price is Right' Mass Wedding: 'It's Kind of a Crazy Thing'

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Drew Carey married members of an audience full of couples on The Price is Right and he was thinking the same thing you are.

"It's kind of a crazy thing," Carey told ET. "There's probably like 50 couples or something that can say they got married on The Price is Right, so that's kind of cool."

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The comedian and daytime TV host got officially ordained online just for the occasion, which is fitting as most of the contestants found out about the offer via the Internet.

"He found it online," Jennifer said of her husband Jaime. "They were like, 'Oh, we're looking for engaged couples.' We were like, 'That's us!'"

So what are the advantages to being married on a game show? One of the grooms, Baron, filled us in on a huge pro.

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"We're balling on a budget," he said, explaining that this was a way to get married and have loved ones watch from home as opposed to booking a venue for them to witness the ceremony in person.

If nothing else, these couples will certainly have bragging rights.

"What normal average person gets to be married on television and have a celebrity do the ceremony?" groom Dwayne said.

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Watch the video to see the couples say "I do."