David Beckham Insta-Bombs Son Brooklyn's Big Announcement


Even when dads are super hot and super famous, they're still dads!

David Beckham proved that on Friday when he hilariously photobombed (Insta-bombed?) his son's video on Instagram to remind him who's top dog.

Brooklyn Beckham, 16, took to Instagram on Friday to celebrate two things: His mom Victoria Beckham's 41st birthday, and his momentous achievement of gaining one million followers on the social media network.

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"So it's my mum's birthday today," he begins the video.

"We're leaving!" you can hear his dad shout in the background.

"K," Brooklyn responds, then continues, "I just reached a million followers-"

"I've got 52!" dad interjects, popping up over his shoulder.

Brooklyn looks despondent for a moment before muttering "wow" and ending the video. He tagged it with #ismydadcoolerthanme.

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It's actually a pretty significant accomplishment for the 16-year-old -- just over a month ago, he was celebrating making it to half a million followers.

Brooklyn posts totally normal teenager stuff, like pics with his godfather (who just happens to be Elton John)...

...and photos from his part-time job (which just happens to be modeling and running his own fashion line, Reserved)...

...and shots with his cousin from a family vacation (which just happened to be at Coachella).

You know. Kid stuff.

This wasn't his first time being embarrassed by his dad on social media, either -- check out David Beckham's super-sweet birthday message to his son.

He's also not the only one following in his parents' fashion footsteps. Watch sister Harper wow at the Burberry fashion show: