Vivien Leigh's 'Gone With The Wind' Dress Sold at Auction for $137,000

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The world of Scarlett O'Hara may be "gone with the wind," but thanks to one collector, her dress is not.

This weekend, Heritage Auctions sold a collection of memorabilia from 1939's Gone With The Wind, including a dress worn by Vivien Leigh in several scenes in the film.

The buckboard dress, designed by Walter Plunkett, sold for $137,000.


Collector James Tumblin worked in the Universal Studios hair and makeup department for for 22 years, and amassed an impressive array of items from Gone With The Wind, including the buckboard dress worn in multiple scenes in the movie.

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In the early 1960s, Tumblin was doing some research at Western Costume, he told the Telegraph.

"I saw this dress on the floor and a docent told me not to bother to pick it up, because they were throwing it away," he said. He thought he recognized it as one Scarlett O'Hara had worn more than two decades earlier on screen.

"I asked if he would sell it to me," Tumblin explained. "I had noticed there was a printed label saying Selznick International Pictures and ‘Scarlett production dress’ was written in ink."

The docent let him have it for $20.

While it's not as recognizable as Scarlett O'Hara's green curtain dress or the red velvet "sorry I kissed your husband, Mellie" dress, it was worn when Scarlett ran into Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) in town at one point and again when she stubbornly drove a carriage by herself to the nearby shanty town.


As you can see, the dress was blue in the movie, but faded to gray over time.

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Also up for auction was the suit Rhett Butler wore when he kicked in Scarlett's boudoir door, the Confederate uniform Ashley wore on leave from the war, and Scarlett O'Hara's straw and green velvet hat from the opening scene of the movie. Rhett's suit sold for $55,000, the hat went for $52,500, and Ashley's uniform brought in $16,250.

Ultimately, 150 items went up for auction -- barely a drop of Tumblin's collection of more than 300,000 items. One of the things he's keeping for himself? Vivien Leigh's Oscar.

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