Carey Mulligan Like You've Never Seen Her Before!


The actress was born a Brit, but says she's a New Yorker at heart.

It's hard to believe Vogue magazine allowed Carey Mulligan to wear this outfit for their video, but apparently the fashion magazine is getting into comedy. Does Anna Wintour know about this?

Mulligan portrays herself as a new New Yorker who thinks that after only living in the Big Apple for three weeks, she's an expert on the culture.

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It's clear pretty early into the video that the actress -- who is seen wearing sweats, an "I Love New York" shirt and a Yankees cap -- is not as in tune to the city as she may think.

First off, she doesn't get the bikes. The Oscar nominee is seen riding a Citi Bike as if it's stationary and bringing her own bicycle to the spinning facility SoulCycle.

While Mulligan is known for her more serious movie roles (An Education, The Great Gatsby, Shame), this Vogue video certainly shows her quirky side.

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The 29-year-old British actress is currently in New York to star in Broadway's Skylight. "I've always felt better in New York, doing theater," she told the magazine in all seriousness about the big city. "I think because there's no one I know in the audience -- or I can believe that more comfortably than I can in London."


Mulligan covers the May issue of Vogue, on newsstands April 21.