McDonald's Started Testing All-Day Breakfast Today and the Internet Had a Meltdown

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First, the good news: McDonald’s is (FINALLY!) testing all-day breakfast. That’s right, soon you may be able to arrive at Mickey D’s at 10:32a.m. -- or literally any time after -- and still order an Egg McMuffin. Not sure why they need to “test” this, seems like something people have been asking for forever.

The bad news: It’s only available in one city, San Diego, for now. And the 24-hour breakfast menu is limited: Egg and sausage McMuffins, burritos, hash browns, hotcakes, and the fruit parfaits. Which means no McGriddles, bagels, cakes, or steaks.

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Participating San Diego area McDonald’s started all-day breakfast on April 20:

And lots of people were quick to point out that serving breakfast all day on 4/20 is literally a stoner’s dream come true:

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Others were just very, very excited. Much more excited than, say, when McDonald’s announced they’d soon start offering kale.

Seriously, people could hardly fathom living in a world where you can order McBreakfast whenever you want.

For this, we are truly #blessed. The world is a beautiful place.

As for why McDonald’s hasn’t always had all-day breakfast, they say, "It comes down to the sheer size of kitchen grills. They simply don't have the room for all of our menu options at one time.”

But soon...


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