Did Drake Just Congratulate Nicki Minaj on Her Engagement?

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The rapper seemed to confirm the rumors when he congratulated Nicki during his Coachella performance.

After his second weekend at Coachella, Drake is making headlines again after he may have confirmed Nicki Minaj's rumored engagement.

During his show, Drake brought the Pinkprint singer onstage and began showering her with praise before saying, "Congratulations and all that. I just wanna give you a hug."

(Warning: Video contains some NSFW language)

As Drake and Nicki embraced, her massive ring could clearly be seen shining bright.

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Drake added, "You know when that girl you had a crush on and sh*t starts being with someone else, you gotta be like, 'Yo, congratulations and all that sh*t.' Ya know?"

Rumors that Nicki got engaged to her boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill, began last week when the singer posted a picture of a massive, heart-shaped diamond ring to Instagram.

A few days later, Meek posted a photo of his hand holding Nicki's hand and showing off the ring.

Nicki and Meek haven't officially confirmed the news.

As for Drake, the "Started From the Bottom" rapper made headlines last weekend as well when his unexpected make-out session with Madonna took the internet by storm.

VIDEO: Madonna Makes Out with Drake During Surprise Coachella Performance

A lot of people jumped on the Madonna-bashing bandwagon, even major businesses. The gourmet hamburger chain Umami Burger tweeted a picture of the two musicians with the text, "Because nothing gets the taste of old lady out like Umami.” The post, which many criticized for being ageist and generally offensive, was quickly deleted, but that didn’t stop some from saving and reposting the controversial post.

Check out the video below for a look at the Coachella kiss seen around the world.