19 Trends From the '90s That We Actually Wouldn't Mind Coming Back


Now that we're getting more 'Full House,' why not?!

If we didn’t know better, we’d assume we had somehow time travelled back to the ‘90s. Think about it: We’re getting new episodes of Full House and The X-Files. The Scream guy is killing again. Boy bands are all the rage (and the Backstreet Boys are still a thing!). Oh, and a Clinton is running for president.

So while we’re at it, here are 19 other ‘90s things we want to come back:

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1. Olsen Twin movies.
We’re talking The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley here. If only M-K and A weren't into fashion and dating old French dude and whatever else they’re up to these days, and were still solving any crime by dinner time. We’d settle for Passport in Paris 2: Paris Harder. We’re not picky.


2. My So-Called Life.
With all these dearly departed shows finding new life on Netflix, how has no one pitched Angela Chase’s 20(ish) year reunion?? No disrespect to Homeland, but we would rather see Claire Danes in that. And it’s been too long since we’ve swooned over Jordan Catalano.

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3. The Spice Girls.
We know they’ve had “reunions” in the 2000’s, but if New Kids on the Block can record new music in the 2010s and people actually care about it, then the Spice Girls are more than primed for a comeback. For one, we need more girl groups. We’re in a girl group drought. For two, a little more girl power could only help in the current climate.


4. Beanie Babies.
If only because we'd finally be able to unload some of the “rare” Beanies we have that are supposedly worth thousands of dollars. (Even though that's not true.)

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5. Space Jam.
Weren’t there rumors last year that Warner Bros. was going to do a sequel with LeBron James? What ever happened with that? The youth of this generation deserve their own Space Jam. Michael Jordan could at least cameo too, what’s he got going on?

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6. Got Milk? ads.
Do people not drink milk anymore? Why did they stop these? Don’t you want to see Harry Styles with a milk mustache? Or like, a Duggar?


7. Kodak cameras.
Polariod cameras have been back in vogue for a minute now, but we’d prefer people went back to Kodak. Not only do you get hard copies of pictures to actually display, instead of just hoarding in your iCloud -- and you can get doubles if your friends want a copy! You can’t do that with Polaroids! -- but there is an air of mystery re: how the picture will turn out. If you can’t see it right away, you can’t redo it because you look fat in a selfie.


8. AIM.
With texts and emails and iMessages and Snapchats and tweets, AOL Instant Messenger (“AIM”) has gone out of fashion, but c’mon, guys. Away messages? That was serious business, and when’s the last time you put as much thought into something in 2015 as you did picking which Avril Lavigne lyric you’d use while you were away doing homework.


9. Trapper Keepers.
The problem is that no one prints anymore. And if you do print stuff out, what’s your deal? What’s wrong with you? But computers and iPhones -- where we all “file” all our “paperwork” now -- are far too expensive to doodle “Mrs. Ryan Gosling” on, or cover in Lisa Frank stickers. P.S. We want Lisa Frank stickers to be popular again too.

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10. Glitter gel pens.
When did we, as a society, decide to revert to writing in boring ass black pens? And why did we collectively accept that as OK? How regressive. Here, we advanced far enough that our letters and essays and memos were PoPpIn’ in glitter ink, and then we gave it all up. Again: WHY?

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11. Body glitter.
To summarize what would otherwise turn into a list to infinity: We want anything glitter back. Everything glitter we want. If it has glitter on it, we are down.


12. Starter Jackets.
They were such a nice halfway point between a long sleeve shirt and a jacket. Windbreakers too. Yeah, they were ugly as sin. And that material was god awful. But they breezy, without being too breezy. You can’t undervalue that fact.

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14. Bandanas.
No one wears bandanas around their heads now except girls trying too hard at Coachella and maybe the Duck Dynasty people. That wasn’t always the case! The bandana around the head has a prestigious past (well, somewhat prestigious, we won’t totally blow this out of proportion)! It’s time to take back the bandana!

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15. Visors.
We love a visor moment. And not just for playing golf either.

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15. Overalls and you only button one strap.
When you wore overalls, you were following a trend. When you wore overalls and only buttoned one shoulder strap, you were making a statement. You DGAF if the other strap was buttoned! Let it dangle! I AM HUMAN, HEAR ME ROAR.


16. Mood rings.
We’ve been utterly lost in regards to our emotional well being since mood rings went out of fashion. With the current state of science, the colors would probably be a lot more accurate now, so you wouldn’t have to wonder whether you’re agitated or in love.


17. Those zip-off pants that turn into shorts.
Sure, they looked absolutely ridiculous, but they were functional. That’s what’s important. In California, do you know what we wouldn’t give for a good day to night pants transition? Some designer now could make a pair of zip-off skinny jeans look cool, don’t you think?


18. Fanny packs.
Again, functional. Also, a good look. No shade.

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19. Scrunchies.
Because why not? Everyone love a scrunchie.

But still not bucket hats. Unless you’re Rihanna. Then it’s OK.

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