Blake Lively Jokes About Parenting with Ryan Reynolds: 'He Does Nothing, I Do Everything!'

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The actress and her hubby are in a stiff competition over their daughter's first word(s).

Blake Lively is in a stiff competition with her husband Ryan Reynolds over who can get their daughter James to say her first word(s). Will it be "mama" or "dada"?

"We're total rivals," she told The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday. "Dada is banned in our house!"

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Further arguing as to why "mama" should be her baby girl's first word, Lively joked about her handsome hubby, "He's pathetic! I do everything, he does nothing."

The former Gossip Girl star also revealed that the first-time parents might be working on a redesign of their daughter's room for when she's older that will suit their overprotective behavior. "Her room has no windows. We cannot have a child, our daughter, go in with a boyfriend and do anything terrible," she explained to Fallon." We need a chastity window! That's a new form of contraception."

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Baby James was born in December 2014 in Bedford, N.Y., and only a few months later, her 27-year-old mother hit the red carpet. Check out Lively looking lovely at the New York City premiere of Age of Adaline, below.