Lindsay Lohan's Embarrassing Arabic Mistake: Why She Shouldn't Feel Too Bad About It


"You're beautiful." "You're a donkey."

We've all been there, Lindsay!

Lindsay Lohan has been catching a bit of flack for an Instagram picture she posted that appears to mistranslate the Arabic phrase "You are a donkey," to "You are beautiful."

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Lindsay has since deleted the post, but you can see it in this tweet from Jenan Moussa correcting her mistake.

Admittedly, this is pretty hilarious.

And we've all had our fun with it.

But for some reason, we feel the need to cut Lindsay a break now. Not sure why, maybe we're just Grinching.

So we got your back Lindsay! Here's all the reasons this little snafu is NBD!

First off, let's agree this is not about donkeys.

Donkeys, you are beautiful creatures in your own right.

You probably didn't know, either.

Well, you're either one of the millions who did, or millions who didn't. LiLo just falls into the latter camp y'all, be chill!

Besides, this is not the worst thing Lindsay has ever done.

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And let's not forget all the Lindsay wisdom her Instagram account has brought us.

Pretty deep stuff.

If nothing else, this serves as a reminder that Lost In Translation is a great movie.

In conclusion: CAN SHE LIVE?!

And, to quote our good friend, Kanye West:

You do you, Lindsay!

Watch the video below for more Lindsay Lohan Instagram fun!