This Is What the 'Charlie Bit Me' Kids Look Like Now


It's been 8 years!

Remember “Charlie Bit Me”? There is literally no way you could forget it. It was one of the first videos that went uber viral. That baby bit his older brother and everyone watching it loved it and autotuned it and watched it 800 million more times.

Literally. The video has more than 800,000,000 views. Almost a billion!

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Well, eight years later, this is what the “Charlie Bit Me” kids look like:


(It’s a little weird that they made them recreate the pose, isn’t it?)

Anyway, CBBC’s Newsround did an update on the brothers: Charlie, the biter, was only 1 in the video but is now 9 years old, while brother Harry, the bitee, is 11 years old. They have two younger brothers now, Jasper and Rupert, too. Don’t you feel OLD?!

When asked by Newsround how they feel about the clip, Harry says, “It makes me laugh.” Charlie doesn’t seem as enthusiastic:


Classic Charlie.

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Watch the “Charlie Bit Me” update now and find out how the video even ended up on the Internet in the first place:

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