Dr. Phil Weighs In on Bruce Jenner Reports: 'If It's What You Want to Do, Do It!'

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Dr. Phil didn't hold back when saying how he really felt about Bruce Jenner and his highly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer.

While the TV psychologist has landed plenty exclusives of his own, Jimmy Kimmel had to ask if he was upset he didn't get the coveted first sit-down with Jenner since he started making headlines.

"I was wondering if it breaks your heart that Bruce Jenner is going to speak to Diane Sawyer on Friday night instead of coming to your show," he asked Dr. Phil.

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"It would be boring to talk to me about that," the 64-year-old TV personality replied.

But the outspoken doctor didn't stop there. Further commenting on reports that Jenner might be transitioning gender, he told Kimmel, "First off, I would say, 'Look. If it's what you want to do, do it!"

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"'What the hell's it matter what anybody else thinks?' That would be my first point." As Kimmel's audience applauded that statement, he added, "That would be the first 30 seconds [of the interview]."

While Dr. Phil referred to Jenner as a "hell of a nice guy," he said he wasn't sure what else he and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians patriarch would talk about for the remainder of the two-hour interview. 

"You're almost 80, what's the point?" he conjectured as one possible question they could then discuss. "He's kind of his past prime."

Coming to Jenner's defense, Kimmel responded, "You know he's an Olympic Gold medalist so I wouldn't put anything past him."

Apparently Dr. Phil hasn't seen the Amazon series Transparent, which showed there's plenty to talk about when an older parent comes out as transgender! Watch Golden Globe winner Jeffrey Tambor talk about taking on the role here:

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