Watch Mila Kunis Hilariously Respond to Stolen Chicken Lawsuit: 'I'm Devastated'

Mila and Ashton go on the offensive.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are definitely miffed about a lawsuit filed by aspiring singer Kristina Karo against the 31-year-old Jupiter Ascending actress.

In the bizarre lawsuit, Karo claims that when Mila was a child in Ukraine, Mila stole her pet chicken named Doggie. She's seeking $5,000 in a small claims court to cover therapy sessions she says she needed again after seeing Mila in-person when she moved to Los Angeles.

Ashton and Mila have since responded in a very animated video posted on the app Meerkat on Wednesday.

"It's shocking to me that news organizations, real journalists out there that have fact-checked this story, didn't pick up on the fact that this girl was one-month old and having a conversation with you from Ukraine," Ashton says sarcastically. "Not only did she have a conversation at one-month old -- in Ukraine -- was speaking in English! This is the smartest girl I've ever heard of!"

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Mila's clearly not giving the lawsuit any merit.

"I was devastated," Mila deadpans, pointing out that she was never physically served with papers. "I was weeping. I was dumbfounded. I was like, 'Which chicken did I steal?,' because I was obviously in the village when I stole these chickens."

The former That '70s Show actress also pokes fun at Karo's equally bizarre music video for her song "Give Me Green Card."

"The girl has a music video coming out the same time she's suing you for $5,000!" Ashton comments.

"I would like to launch a countersuit $5,000 lawsuit for making me watch your music video, shamelessly," Mila jokes. "My body hurts. My eyes hurt, they're burning -- that requires money."

But Ashton couldn't close out the video without getting in one last jab.

"No green card for you," he says.

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Watch Mila's adorable reaction to Ashton's sweet love note to her on the Jupiter Ascending red carpet in the video below.