Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner Call Black Widow a Slut, Endure the Wrath of Marvel Fans

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Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron
hits theaters May 1, and given some recent press junkets, that date couldn't come soon enough.

After Robert Downey Jr. walked out of an interview for UK's Channel 4 News following a troubling line of questioning, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans are drawing fire for a Digital Spy interview where they slut-shamed Scarlett Johansson's character, Black Widow.

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When the interviewer asks about Natasha (Black Widow) being with Bruce Banner instead of Renner or Evans' characters, Renner responds, "She's a slut."

"I was going to say something along that line," Chris Evans laughs loudly at Renner's remarks and echoes, "She's a complete whore."


"Trick," Renner continues. "She has a prosthetic leg anyway."

The interviewer appears to joke along, adding, "Whatever movie it is , she'll just be the sidekick, she'll be flirting away.” To which both guys fully agreed despite everyone clamoring for a Black Widow movie. Or really, just any awesome female superhero movie.

Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner have since apologized for the interview in a statement provided to EW.

"Yesterday we were asked about the rumors that Black Widow wanted to be in a relationship with both Hawkeye and Captain America," Evans said. "We answered in a very juvenile and offensive way that rightfully angered some fans. I regret it and sincerely apologize."

"I am sorry that this tasteless joke about a fictional character offended anyone," Renner added. "It was not meant to be serious in any way. Just poking fun during an exhausting and tedious press tour."

However, the initial remarks have drawn a lot of strong reactions from Marvel fans disappointed in the two actors.

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Some have defended Evans and Renner, saying they were mocking a sexist question.

While fans were largely satisfied with Evans' apology, several pointed out that Renner's seemed insincere.

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