5 Tribeca Films We Want to See in Theaters This Year

Tribecca Film

As the Tribeca Film Festival nears its end, it’s time to look
back on the slate of films looking for distribution. The New York-based
festival is a time for many filmmakers to present work they hope is worthy of a
larger audience, going beyond the festival circuit. This year proved to be no
different with several standouts -- and for us, there are five particular films
we hope everyone gets a chance to see in theaters.

TRIBECA: Courtney Love Gets Emotional, Talks Sex Tape at Premiere of Kurt Cobain Doc

A Ballerina’s Tale
Starring: Misty Copeland (pictured above)

This Kickstarter-funded documentary directed by journalist
Nelson George goes inside the world of Misty Copeland, a teen prodigy who has
been dubbed “the Jackie Robinson of classical ballet.” The film defines inspiration
as it looks hardships and injuries Copeland has faced as she fights to be
ranked among the American Ballet Theatre’s best.

Starring: Mickey Rourke, Nat Wolff, and Emma Roberts 

Tribecca Film

The unlikely buddy comedy is more than “this year’s St. Vincent.” The film pairs Wolff -- an
actor on the verge of stardom
-- with Rourke, who is enjoying a late-in-career
rebirth following The Wrestler. This
film doesn’t go anywhere as deep as the 2008 film, but it doesn’t need to.
Wolff is the star here as an awkward teen who grows more confident the longer
he spends time with the ex CIA assassin.

Starring: Sarah Bolger

Tribecca Film

When a couple’s regular babysitter is unavailable, Sarah
Bolger -- last seen wearing rib-crushing corsets on Once Upon a Time and The
-- steps in a seemingly perfect replacement. Once left alone with the
kids, the night slowly unravels as the substitute babysitter becomes more
unhinged. This B-movie thriller packs enough creep into the story to make it
worth a midnight screening. Sadly it doesn’t go full-on grind-core, but there’s
enough here to make audiences uneasy.

Starring: Olivia Wilde, Luke Wilson, Elisabeth Moss, Juno Temple, and
Giovanni Ribisi 

Tribecca Film

With an A-list cast, there’s no reason this film shouldn’t
get the attention of studios. The film takes a stark look at what becomes of a
husband and wife (Wilson and Wilde) after their son’s disappearance. Their
world unravels as Wilde delivers a raw performance that will surely have
audiences talking. This film will challenge expectations the way Cake did for Jennifer Aniston.

The Survivalist 
Starring: Martin McCann and Mia Goth 

Tribecca Film

This post-apocalyptic drama tells the story of two starving
women who come upon a man living in isolation on his farm. Seeking shelter and
food, the women interrupt his seclusion and push the limits of self-preservation
and survival in a dystopian world. The film has already secured international
rights, meaning that it could become a buzzy hit overseas before making its way

One of the big stories to come out of the Tribeca Film Festival was Courtney Love's appearance at the premiere of Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, the new documentary about the late Nirvana singer's life. During a panel, Love became visibly emotional and even talked about the sex tape featured in the film. Watch the video below: