A Straight High School Student Asked His Gay Best Friend to Prom in the Cutest Way


Remember when we were in high school and you just asked someone to be your prom date and it was called just asking someone to be your prom date? Now, there’s epic prom invites with bells and whistles and the kitchen sink too and they’re called promposals.

But this one is relatively low key, but still super sweet: Anthony Martinez is a gay student and future Student Body President at Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas. All he wanted this year was to go to prom with another boy:

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Imagine Anthony’s surprise when his best friend Jacob Lescenski asked him:

So much has changed since we were in high school, so it’s good to know kids still use “8” in place of “ate.” Very sk8r boi. Anthony says he was selling prom tickets in the cafeteria when he saw the sign but assumed it was for someone else -- until he read “hella gay.”

Anthony didn't lie those Army pants.

“I decided on going to prom alone because my original date idea didn’t work out so well,” Jacob told NewNowNext. “Then one night I saw Anthony, who is my best friend, tweeting about wanting a date.”

He continued, “I then thought about how amazing of a guy he is and that he deserved a date.”

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Which is very nice. And Anthony hasn’t let the kind gesture go unappreciated.

Obviously, the Internet instantly fell in love with both boys and their story:

And, while Anthony says they’re a bit overwhelmed by all the attention, the boys say they are grateful for the support and ready for prom:

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