Bruce Jenner's Family Show Their Support on Social Media


Bruce Jenner’s family members are taking to social media to show their support and love for the former Olympian as he opens up to Diane Sawyer about his gender identity journey in a one-on-one 20/20 interview on Friday.

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"Not only was I able to call him my husband for 25 years and father of my children, I am now able to call him my hero," tweeted Kris Jenner, who said that she watched the special with Bruce.

Kylie Jenner shared this "daddy throwback" pic on her Instagram, adding the hashtags "#tonight," "#DianeSawyer" and "#love."

Kylie later tweeted a heartfelt message to her dad, writing, "Understandingly, this has been very hard for me. You will hear what I have to say when I'm ready to but this isn't about me. I'm so proud of you, Dad. You are so brave. My beautiful Hero."

Kendall Jenner tweeted "I love you."

She also posted an Instagram Saturday showing an elementary school assigment where she said if she could be anyone in the world, she would be her dad. "I wrote this in 5th grade... nothing has changed," she captioned it.

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Jenner's second wife Linda Thompson posted a photo of Jenner from his days as an Olympic champion, writing, "Once a champion of Olympian a champion for those who share the struggle to just be who they are."

Jenner and Thompson's son Brandon posted this sweet shot of him and his dad with the caption "Proud son."

Jenner's step-daughter Khloe Kardashian tweeted messages of support for the "world's greatest athlete" and retweeted Lady Gaga, who stated "Now that is bravery."

Khloe also posted an Instagram photo of Bruce Jenner at the Olympics, with the word "Brave" superimposed on it.

"Couldn't be a more proud daughter," tweeted Kourtney Kardashian. "With courage and bravery, let's change the world. I am honored to stand by Bruce's side and support him."

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"Love is the courage to live the truest, best version of yourself. Bruce is love. I love you Bruce," Kim Kardashian tweeted after the 20/20 special aired, adding the hashtag "#ProudDaughter."

Kim also posted several Instagrams of her and Bruce, captioning one: "It might not always be easy but we support you no matter what! Your honesty has opened the doors for others to be courageous and live an authentic life!"

"You have always been a role model to me and now more than ever, I look up to you. LOVE YOU," wrote Rob Kardashian on Twitter.

As Jenner has not yet said that a new name or pronouns should be used, ETonline will follow GLAAD guidelines and continue to refer to him by his current name and male pronouns.

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