A Former 'Mad Men' Star Joins MTV's 'Scream' as Mayor - Find Out Who!


The small town of Lakewood adds a new resident.

The small town of Lakewood in MTV’s TV adaptation of Scream adds a new resident as a former Mad Men star joins the cast.

ETonline has confirmed that Bryan Batt -- who played Salvatore Romano, the closeted
creative at Sterling Cooper -- will appear on the series as Quinn Maddox, the mayor and father to Brooke (Carlson Young), the
school’s popular (albeit nice) girl.

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“I hope I don't die the first season, but it is a slasher
series,” Batt tells The Hollywood Reporter of the role. “If I do meet my demise, I hope it's bloody,
gory and memorable. I've never had the opportunity to do anything like that, so
I'd be interested just for the experience of holding my entrails as they fall

He also reveals that “some people have already gone,” which we can assume includes Bella Thorne. During a Facebook chat, the DUFF actress revealed that she’s the unlucky first victim -- a role that pays homage to Drew Barrymore’s death in the first Scream film.

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While Batt’s fate on Scream remains undetermined, the 52-year-old actor imagines what happened to Romano, who hasn’t been seen since season two.

“I like to think later down the line, Sal finally realizes, ‘I can't do this anymore... as much as I love you, Kitty,’ ” Batt says. “Then, he puts on the kaftan and gets a Yorkshire Terrier.”

ETonline has reached out to MTV for confirmation. 

Scream premieres on Tuesday, June 30 at 10 p.m.