Justin Bieber Crashed a High School Prom and the Students Lost Their Minds


♫ If I was your prom king, I'd never let you go ♫

What do you do when 21-year-old pop megastar Justin Bieber shows up at your prom? Chatsworth Charter High School in Los Angeles, Calif. can answer that.

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What started out as just a regular old prom...

Forever changed when Justin himself showed up. In a fedora.

And Chatsworth parents, he very well may have danced with your kids.

Judging by the students' reactions, it was basically life changing.

Turnt AF.

Justin was appreciative that he got to finally go to prom. (Which might be the last thing he hadn't done).

Chatsworth was appreciative they got to have the prom to end all proms.

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Take a moment to appreciate the Twitter fame, Chatsworth.

And stay hype.

Now, everybody wants to prom out with Justin Bieber.

And some are bummed they missed the boat.

But the only thing that really matters: TAKE THAT, GRANADA CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL!

This is Granada right now.


Sorry, Granada!

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