Mark Ruffalo Perfectly Answers the Sexist Questions Scarlett Johansson Is Usually Asked


"What are you wearing to the premiere tonight?"

Last time Scarlett Johansson was out promoting an Avengers movie, she mostly got asked about her diet. And her workout regiment. And in particularly creepy interviews, whether or not she wears underwear under her Black Widow costume.

Basically, the typical sexist stuff that actresses always get asked. “How come you get the really interesting, existential questions and I get the, like, rabbit food question?” she asked Robert Downey Jr. during a press conference, after being asked for the umpteenth time about her diet.

So Cosmopolitan UK’s Claire Hodgson decided to flip the script for Avengers: Age of Ultron and ask Mark Ruffalo all the sexist questions Johansson would usually get.

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This time, Mark got the questions like, “What are you wearing to the premiere tonight?” and “Did you feel much pressure to slim down, get in shape, go on a diet?”


And Mark absolutely nailed his answers:


Meanwhile, Scarlett finally got to talk about her craft and whether she does her own stunt work and how she taps into her complex character. About time.

Consider this reason #15857239 that we love Mark Ruffalo.

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