Tim McGraw Shares the Best Birthday Present Faith Hill Ever Gave Him

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What would you give Tim McGraw for his birthday?

The country legend is turning 48 on Friday, but he still can't get over a present he received from his wife Faith Hill for his 40th.

On Friday's episode of The Rachael Ray Show, Tim shares a story about how the gift is especially memorable because of some hot romance!

"When we first started dating in 1996, we were touring together and I had this '71 Cutlass that I'd bought with some of the first money I'd ever made. So I bought this '71 Cutlass," he recalls. "And I was pulling it around on a trailer, and I was courting her in this car, and my uncle had told me, 'Look, if you ever make love to a woman playing 'Samba Pa Ti' by Carlos Santana, then you're going to have to marry her.'"

He continues the story, "So I had it on loop in my car all the time. Just in case I got lucky. It took a long time. But I married her!"

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The two tied the knot that same year on Oct. 6.

As for that 40th birthday present?

"She took that car and she had it redone for me," Tim says.

And while the country power couple are very sweet together, they are just as adorable with their three daughters, whom they recently brought with them to the Time 100 Gala.

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As for his worries on guys dating them, Tim tells Rachael, "If they start playing Carlos Santana, that's not going to happen. Look, there's a big generational gap there, I don't know if that's going to happen."

Check out the video below to see how Tim and Faith slammed divorce rumors.

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