Matthew Perry Accidentally Broadcasted Porn to His Neighbors. Wait. What?!


You may want to turn off Friends on Netflix real quick.

Matthew Perry went on Wednedsay's Conan to promote his TV reboot of The Odd Couple but then proceeded to tell host Conan O'Brien the most blush-worthy story about a time he watched porn and the whole neighborhood heard it.

It was after a photo shoot for "the friendship show" -- as Perry calls it -- featuring the cast of ER and some swimsuit models that Perry says made him "pretty randy."

That time Chandler from 'Friends' talked about porn for almost five solid minutes.

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Perry proceeded to talk about watching the adult film and it got pretty awkward, to say the least.

"On comes a scene with like, 20 women, doing unspeakable things to each other on the TV, right, and everything, you know, ends and I wrap up everything and it's all finished." recalled Perry.

Oh, but he didn't stop there.

"Once you're done, your done," continues Perry. "You need that movie to come right off."


Perry went on to tell Conan he tried to turn down the volume, but he could still hear it.

"And then I remember that the night before, I'd gone out to my backyard with a glass of wine and listened to music," said Perry.

Oh no.

"And then I realized that for the last hour, I've been blasting a porno out of my outdoor speakers."

Oh. My. God.

Watch the interview below.

OK, you can go back to watching Friends on Netflix now.....

No, you can't. Of course you can't. C'mon, Matthew Perry! You blasted porn to the whole neighborhood and now we can never un-hear it.

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