Watch Matt LeBlanc Sing Joey Tribianni's 'Friends' Songs


Once Joey Tribbiani, always Joey Tribbiani!

Matt LeBlanc went back to his beloved Friends roots while visiting The Graham Norton Show in the U.K.

When Norton asked if LeBlanc remembered any of the songs he sang as
Joey, the 47-year-old actor admitted to the host, "Unfortunately, I do!"

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We're ridiculously happy that LeBlanc obliged, because we were treated to giddy renditions of both the "Freud" and "Identical Hand Twin" songs. Even after all these years, he still remembers every word!

If you were a fan of Friends, this is the most delightful and epic thing you'll see all week -- unless you're still in the middle of a Netflix binge. (You're at least onto round two of your Friends binge, right? Right?)

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We forgot LeBlanc had those kinds of pipes! But now we never will -- see Joey's original "Freud" moment here:

But which Friends scenes were LeBlanc's faves? Watch the video below to find out.

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