Scarlett Johansson Takes on Marvel with 'Black Widow' Rom-Com Spoof on 'SNL'


Nothing was off limits on last night's Saturday Night Live.
From Baltimore to Bruce Jenner to the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight, SNL tackled all of this week's news head-on.

In the case of the "Fight of the Century," it was literally a head-on matchup, and SNL knew it. The cold open addressed their evening competition with a hit-or-miss "pirated feed."

At least Kate McKinnon as made a Justin Bieber cameo. If only she could play the popstar in every skit…

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Scarlett Johansson returned for a fourth round of hosting duties, this time in her new role as a "MILF" -- complete with song-and-dance numbers in the monologue.

Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam and Johansson played Orioles announcers struggling with the play-by-play for the "ghost game" with no attendees in Baltimore. The skit was very reminiscent in tone to a morning news spoof on Ferguson that SNL cut for time earlier this season, with the announcers accidentally referring to the riots nearly every time they spoke. "Baltimore has just been on fire this week," Thompson said. "I’m sorry for how I said that."

Unlike Thompson and Killam's, um, killer wordplay, Johansson didn't have a lot to work with here -- or during most of the show, for that matter. She did have this choice line at the end of the Orioles skit, however: "I’m at the Baltimore Amtrak station. I’m going to Newark, where I’ll be safer."

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The best sketch of the night was easily the Black Widow: Age of Me trailer. To prove that Marvel "gets women," SNL gave Black Widow her very own rom-com complete with a fashion magazine internship and meet-cute romance with the evil robot Ultron. From Black Widow cursing a broken heel to Ultron destroying a building by lighting it on fire with the words, "I'M SORRY," this spoof is perfect. Trust us.

This wasn't a particularly strong episode or Johnasson's most memorable appearance, but at least when the jokes hit, they hit hard (no MayPac pun intended).

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Does Johansson think there will ever be a real Black Widow movie? Find out in the video below.

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