'Walking Dead' Star Chad L. Coleman Apologizes for Subway Rant

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The actor said he got mad due to "built up frustration" over the situation in Baltimore.

Walking Dead actor Chad L. Coleman issued an explanation and apology for a profanity-laced tirade he delivered on a New York City subway on Friday.

A video of Coleman's rant was first posted by TMZ. In the video, it's clear that the actor is passionately angry, often screaming and yelling, although the target of his anger is unclear.

Coleman -- who is known for his role as Tyreese on The Walking Dead and Cutty on the HBO series The Wire -- spoke with TMZ on Saturday, and said that he had a lot of "built up frustration" due to the Baltimore riots and the death of Freddie Gray -- which is being considered a homicide by authorities in Baltimore and has led to six officers being charged in relation to Gray's demise.

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Coleman further explained that he exploded when he heard someone refer to him using a racial slur.

In the video itself, it's difficult to discern what it is that Coleman is yelling about. At one point, he can be heard yelling, "If you care, f*cking care!" He also can be heard saying, "Where's the humanitarian in you?"

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Coleman insisted to TMZ that he was not intoxicated, but that he wasn't able to control his emotions, which he regrets.

Coleman also said that he wished to apologize to his Walking Dead co-stars and his family.

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