Kris Jenner In Tears Over Bruce Jenner's Transition: These Memories Don't Exist

Kris Jenner becomes emotional after learning that Bruce Jenner is a transgender woman.

Although the Kardashian has put on a brave front, calling
Bruce Jenner a “hero” after he came out as a transgender woman, things have
been emotional behind closed doors.

In a new clip from a two-part special of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris
Jenner is in tears after learning of the news from Bruce.

"I have these memories of this life," she says,
talking to her daughter Kim Kardashian. "And I feel sometimes like it
didn't exist."

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Kim makes every effort to console Kris by offering some
perspective on the situation.

"He has to deal with this for the rest of his entire
life," Kim says. "Waking up and feeling like, 'Woah! This isn't my
body. This doesn't feel comfortable.' That's the only way I can kind of imagine
it. And you really have to let go."

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In his interview with Diane Sawyer for 20/20, it was Kim who
Bruce says has been the most accepting. She even told Jimmy Kimmel that she’s
more than willing to give Bruce tips on style and beauty.

The two-part special, titled “About Bruce,” documents the intimate conversations Bruce had with his family as they learn about and discuss the transition. And this will be the first time fans get to see how everyone initially reacted to the news.

Additionally, Bruce will document his transition in an eight-part series that is set to air on E! starting in July.

“About Bruce” airs Sunday, May 17 and Monday, 18 at 9 p.m. ET on E! Watch as Kim talked to ET about Bruce ahead of the powerful 20/20 interview: