Why Is Justin Timberlake a Creepy Giant Lime-Head?


It seems like Justin Timberlake has got it out for limes!

In a new promotional mockumentary for his Sauza 901 brand of tequila, the actor-singer-songwriter puts his SNL chops to good use to tell the story of Rick "Sour" Vane, a rockstar lime who recalls the rise and fall of the lime as "the greatest condiment of all time."

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"It was like you couldn't drink tequila without one of us," recalls Timberlake-as-Vane. "Literally we were rock stars."

It's a pretty well done take on the Lords of Dogtown style films, complete with its own downfall story... when Sauza 901 tequila made the limes obsolete.

"Sauza 901 comes out... and it's like we don't even exist," Timberlake's alter ego bemoans. bemoaned.

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In order to placate Big Lime, Timberlake took to Instagram to jokingly distance himself from the video -- and draw more attention to it -- saying, "We acknowledge that there have been many articles written and a documentary currently in production on the struggle of limes post Sauza 901. We are in no way involved with the producers of this film... that can be seen at Sauza901.com"

Who knew the lime struggle was so real? We're gonna miss you, green! Now, watch Justin Timberlake reveal the first photo of his and Jessica Biel's adorable baby Silas!