Why Zooey Deschanel Isn't Posing for Any Post-Baby Body Photos

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There will be no body after baby pics for Zooey!

Zooey Deschanel has not given birth yet, but she is already thinking about the pictures we won't be seeing post-pregnancy.

The New Girl star has seen the "body after baby" photos that so many new moms post to share their weight loss after pregnancy, but in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, the 35-year-old actress insists she won't be joining them.

"Haven't we all seen those pictures of a sexy new mom in a bikini after one month? I will not be that person," she told the mag. "I've always gone my own course and never been someone who had the need to be super skinny. I like a healthy look. I don't buy into that skinny-is-better mentality. I just eat healthy and work out and don't worry about my weight too much."

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Deschanel further made her point by saying, "Actresses aren't models, and most of them never wanted to be."

And while there's a lot of weight judgment out there for actresses, the mother-to-be does have some good news when it comes to being on television.

"It's a good time for women on TV. We can be funny in our own way…and funny doesn’t mean just one thing. Funny isn't just one-liners," she said. "It's big personalities and individualism."


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With a big personality that always shines, Deschanel even made pregnancy seem funny with Jimmy Kimmel in March.

At the time, she revealed that she and her film producer fiance Jacob Pechenik are choosing to be surprised about the baby's gender.

"It's more fun, you know? Make it into a game," she joked.

Deschanel confirmed she was expecting back in January.

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